A critique of the landscape and theme in the legend of sleepy hollow

theme of the legend of sleepy hollow

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legend of sleepy hollow symbolism

He comes to the Hollow to hunt: I recollect that when a stripling, my first exploit in squirrel shooting was in a grove of tall walnut trees that shades one side of the valley.

The men who continually joust fictionally with the Headless Horseman not only inflate their prowess, but also repeatedly confront in narrative the threatening world formed, unbeknownst to them, by the alliance of female and spirit.

The tale thus begins with a paradigm of masculine experience in the maternal bosom of Sleepy Hollow: an acquisitive, intrusive male both perpetuates female influence over the region and also acquiesces to constraints on male behavior.

He is tricked by Brom into believing that he is being chased through the night by a headless horseman. Thus its being set in America is not just arbitrary but is an active choice and is thus essential, and this is reflected in several themes.

For as he observes, in this tale of a Dutch Eden even the adamic act of naming falls to women. It is, of course, the basic coherence of the Dutch imagination that prevents their very pronounced superstitiousness from having anything monstrous about it. She sees Ichabod Crane as a male aggressor who threatens this community and therefore must be driven away.

In contrast to Rip Van Winkle, however, the Hollow men displace this fear from women to characters of folklore.

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow