An analysis of the main character santiago in the old man and the sea

Read an in-depth analysis of Manolin. One time, a match lasted for more than twenty-four hours, and even though his hands were bleeding, he refused to give up. When he was younger, he would arm wrestle for sport and always win.

Buy Study Guide Santiago Santiago is the protagonist of the novella.

manolin old man and the sea

He promises to take care of the boat repairs and buy the old man a new knife. He unnecessarily identifies himself as a strange old man. He assists the old man in other capacities.

old man and the sea archetypes

Santiago taught Manolin to fish, and the boy used to go out to sea with the old man until his parents objected to Santiago's bad luck.

Yet another important part tot Santiago character is his past. Santiago believes that the hero of the Yankee team is Joe DiMaggio, an inspiration to his teammates and to the old man. Santiago not only remembers these times in his past, but he uses them to provide strength for his tasks in the present.

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Find them on brighthub. Indeed, Santiago's philosophy and internal code of behavior make him unconventional in his society as critics such as Bickford Sylvester have mentioned.

The old man and the sea summary

He is an old fisherman in Cuba who, at the beginning of the book, has not caught anything for eighty-four days. Despite his eccentricities, Santiago is one to be admired. The old man loves baseball and the Yankees in particular. When he is battling the marlin and the sharks, he thinks of Manolin several times and wishes the boy were on the boat with him to help. He compares himself to Joe Dimaggio. The Sea As its title suggests, the sea is a central character in the novella. He can hardly wait to see the newspaper each day and see how the Yankees have fared. Also, Santiago compares himself to the marlin, and he even feels bad for killing the great fish. To the sharks I say thanks for not eating me when I swam in the ocean last week.

When the captured marlin is later destroyed by sharks, Santiago feels destroyed as well.

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The Old Man and the Sea Characters