An explanation guest satisfaction of sustainability attributes and their overall experience with the

An explanation guest satisfaction of sustainability attributes and their overall experience with the

However, the significance placed on such matters has Weissenberg et al. In order to confirm this statement, further research using a larger sample is needed. For more detailed answers, please refer to the figure on the next page. As a result, almost the majority of respondents preferred not answer this question Figure 6. Thus, the results should be treated with caution because this could lead to a lack of diversified opinions. As a result, respondents were required to answer the question by choosing from the provided categories. San Miguel has green practices examined, and While tion process Chitty et al. Environmental initiatives can also be introduced for several reasons including economic and strategic reasons. Consequences of after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the ensuing eco- customer loyalty are that customers engage in positive word-of- nomic crisis, it has once again become a focus of hoteliers. Multiple regression and multinomial logistic regression were Sustainability applied to test the hypotheses.

E-satisfaction and e-loyalty: a contingency frame- Millar, M. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada Las Vegas, United States b Florida International University, United States a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Keywords: The purpose of this study is to identify how sustainable hotel practices impact the satisfaction and inten- Guest satisfaction tion to return of hotel guests from different nationalities.

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They sug- pared to environmentally friendly alternatives. Only a minority stated they were not influenced by this action at all 1. Within of all the paradigms conducted, the expectation disconfirmation paradigm is known as the best framework for satisfaction studies Engel et al.

The majority of the tourists were Mexi- testing the questionnaire in a pilot study using subjects who stayed can Both guest satisfaction and return intention were signifi- A convenience sample was collected by distributing surveys in cant at the 0.

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Hu, H. Therefore, customers did not perceive these attributes as a differentiating part of the service offer. Multinomial logistic regression: basic relationships and bility: balancing opportunity and risk in the hospitality industry.

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Journal of Travel and Tourism tainable practices by allowing them to provide customization and Marketing 27 2— Travel Association, Aurier and Evrard, Water, soil, wetlands, and forests are all examples of natural capital Goodland,

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Do hotels' “green” attributes contribute to customer satisfaction?