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They have both been ranked as the most influential people globally, between and Noga This phone is best for any audience really, it allows the user to download apps and games out of the app store or even access the iTunes store to download music on the go.

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Their achievements have been tremendous in the past years, and inaccording to the Fortune list, Apple was perched at position 17 while Microsoft was at 37 Noga Both devices came along with a storage ability of 30GB, a space that could store up to audios.

On the other hand, Apple will nurture its own ideas from incubation to maturity.

Dell vs apple business strategy

Microsoft tries to use design elements from multiple companies in order to help them with the public. The two companies launched their corporate structure within a short period of each other. The iPhone is manufactured by Apple for Apple. In terms of marketing of the internet features, the companies also have different strategies. Microsoft tends to be radical and use force to enter the market. The latter concentrates its efforts towards market domination, and wants to control and acquire all new features entering the market, while Apple is more interested in revolutionary ideas that attract rave reviews and acceptance as a game-changer. Microsoft does this since its target customers are the consumers with more time and less money. The corporation assumes the customer will spend hours looking for what they think is your best option.

Contact our live support team for any assistance or inquiry. Apple identifies newborn systems and ideas that aren't used in a sensible way and develops them to give them the charm needed to be sold on the mass market and possibly to even meet the needs of the higher market.

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In addition, they both have support systems for MP4 and MP3.

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Apple vs Microsoft