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And I made sure to include their equivalents and explanations in English. You can do this in your language school, on the basketball court, or even sitting at the table at home. Share New Sayings with Your Friends and Language Classmates By teaching your classmates and friends the new Arabic sayings that you are learning, every proverb will stick in your mind.

This made me realize that I must dive deeper into Arabic and explore the meanings of these sayings. For me, Anki is my favorite laptop program for memorizing new sayings. This saying refers to the fact that if something set off a levelheaded person, you should be more worried!

Author: Yassir Sahnoun is a HubSpot certified content strategist, copywriter and polyglot who works with language learning companies. As a learner myself, not understanding those sayings has often disappointed me and made me doubt my language skills.

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88 Arabic Proverbs: Original Arabic and English Translations