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By placing the objects of oil back underground in their place of origin, they become future sites of meditation on the ways that everyday consumption drives the economies of extraction. The pastoral myth has very real ramifications for the identity of the Randstad, and must be carefully negotiated in any intervention that attempts to change the image or form of the Green Heart.

What does it mean when a city dies? Architecture is then seen as a stimulus by provoking and challenging the body and creating a consciousness of body and environment. This Park, although it seems dangerous and uncomfortable, brings people together through its playful character.

As such, the city provides a singular opportunity to comment on the decline of the road-centric, single family house dominated town typology within a specific context.

Architecture master thesis examples research

By understanding this development as a confluent force Scale proposes a system through which buildings previously thought of as single use become multi - use infrastructural parts of a much larger architectural object, a single "building made of buildings". Finally, I show how 3D Sampling can be applied in the design process through three case studies, involving the design of optical, haptic, and camouflage material qualities and performances, suggestive of applications at landscape, architectural, and product design scales. The administrative parts of the town hall can grow or multiply proportionally with the population, but the public functions that were originally embedded in the architecture were either pushed out into the large plaza outside of the city hall, or disappeared entirely. Transformation of Meaning of Architectural Space This thesis advances the theory of sound architecture by focusing on the smallest component of sound -the frequency- and translating that into the smallest component of form, -the gradient. What does it mean when a city dies? This thesis investigates how new natures can be constructed within the myth of the pastoral, through a study of this Dutch lowland landscape and a design proposal that encompasses the landscape and the architectural scales. However, as recent generations have come to face more and more economic difficulties, a house has, for many, become more of a liability than a dream. On one hand it is a demonstration of the architectural understanding of mask.

The line, activated through a set of calibrated relationships with the ground and floating infrastructure, stitches together people within the open core and works against the detritus of old divisions.

How do those who must remain grieve, come to terms with their loss, and move on?

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Exposing the absurdities in urban geopolitics and persistent spatial logics of exclusivity is as important as proposing to hack into them. Instead, children are only allowed to have an idealized version of play, which exists in mass-produced plastic playgrounds and in cyberspace. With the rise of the Industrial Revolution came innovations that made mitigating external conditions convenient and easy. Critical of the innocence of so-called public space and the underlying architectural impasse, the thesis offers an investigative commentary on the state of urban enclaves, while speculating on alternative strategies by designing an embassy, a bounded pseudo-extraterritory and the epitome of an enclave. In these new towns, public life exists within these interiors. Revitalization of the immortal link between the river and the town:Vrindavan Ghats. The near-universal practice of extruding backyard parcel lines has created an architecture of division, namely the fence, closing off the yard from the block and the block from the neighborhood. In a silent crisis where sustained inscription of physical and social boundaries evacuate urban space into archipelagos of enclaves, Architecture with only ambiguous claims of public space is rendered both accomplice and victim, impotent against forces of capital and concerns of security. This thesis asks how post-industrial cities like Buffalo can harness existing industrial and natural processes to promote growth and change. With an architecture that is diplomatic by function and diplomatic by disposition, one experiments with an agency beyond the single pursuit of public-ness and an escape from the ideological enclave of positivism. Theorists in the humanities and technology sciences envisioned this next stage in our development as becoming a type of cybernetic organism-a cyborg-in which physical and intelligence-based modifications are co-produced with machines. Beomki Lee: MEmorial Challenging an archetypal relationship between collective memory and a multitude of traditional memorials, "[ME]morial" presents a new concept in memorial architecture based on the reinterpretation of Freud's and Bergson's ideas of memory. A Critical view of Sustainable Architecture

By understanding this development as a confluent force Scale proposes a system through which buildings previously thought of as single use become multi - use infrastructural parts of a much larger architectural object, a single "building made of buildings".

This landscape is not a marginalized region in the outskirts of the city that we cannot see, but is a new type of Theme Park, that people can play in.

A Critical view of Sustainable Architecture

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