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This ad is a complete waste of description space. The text-filled billboard was a perfect example of how long-form copy is used to good effect. Similarly, positive emotional triggers , such as affirmation and humor, can be highly effective at prompting people to click on your ads—but they can be tricky to implement well due to the subjective nature of these emotions especially in the case of humor. In fact, sometimes, a more subtle approach can be just as effective, as this ad demonstrates: The ad above manages to stimulate an emotional response while using aspirational language to entice prospects to click. They actually had to start cutting orange trees down. Well played. And when I search the same query on mobile Results combined with a secret as to how the customer got the results can make for killer copywriting —— "Does she Ready to learn how you can vastly improve your PPC ad copy?

They curated negative reviews and turned them into advertisements. The ad above was actually beaten to position one by the following ad: This ad does nothing to alleviate my apprehensions about searching for a home insurance quote.

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Preemptively respond to common objections. However you choose to do it, keep the end goal of your user in mind when writing your ad copy.

award winning copywriting ads

Miss Clairol's Hair-coloring Anytime you are making a change to your body, you want people to notice but not so much that they question whether or not it is fake.

Fortunately, you can preempt both of these common obstacles with a little forethought and some smart copy.

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The first ad focuses almost exclusively on how their services benefit me as a potential customer. Albert Lasker's "Drink an Orange" Ad Campaign with Sunkist While today Sunkist is a mega-brand, there was a period of time where they were growing more oranges than their customers were eating. This type of ad may have been well-suited to a negative emotional trigger, but the advertiser has cleverly opted to take a more inspirational approach to a sensitive topic—body image—to get its point across. You're about to see some examples of copywriting that made my jaw drop —— hopefully they make your's drop too. The first headline perfectly reflects what the user is trying to accomplish—you need to sell your car, and Carvana wants to buy it. However, this can also raise more questions than it answers. Well—almost perfect. Ready to learn how you can vastly improve your PPC ad copy? An excellent way to do this is by including numbers or statistics in your ads, preferably in the headlines. This ad is a complete waste of description space. You want people to notice a thicker head of hair To mark the release of the all-new Volkswagen Up! The display URL can serve two purposes — it can be something more interesting and relevant to the copy of your ads, and it can and should contain your top keywords. This should never be far from your mind when writing ad copy, especially when it comes to the body copy itself. The same can be said for women who are getting their hair colored.

Ready to learn how you can vastly improve your PPC ad copy? The headlines are okay; including a call to action with a slight sense of urgency is a fine practice.

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Each advert described how consumers use up-market retailers to look and try products, purely for the experience, but then go to Dixons to actually purchase them.

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