Cape sociology qustions

sociology 101 multiple choice questions

George in general. Identify ONE named Caribbean faith, explain how its origins,beliefs and practices have helped its practitioners to cope with daily life in the Caribbean. Does education provide the means to attain upward social mobility in modern Caribbean society? Non-Print Sources R. Introduction 5marks Background Gives an overall introduction of the research topic, historical references if any, other impacting factors which maybe social, economic, environmental or political.

Each question is valued at 25 marks.

Cape sociology qustions

This paper seeks to examine: The socio-economic factors that contributes to the prevalence of female-headed households in the village of G ; located on the South Western Coast of Grenada. Quantitative methods are better suited to undergo the rigours of sociological research in comparison to other methods.

Government Sources Central Statistical Office. G village consists of ten 10 streets, five 5 female-headed households from each street were randomly selected, and questionnaires administered to them. Critically assess this claim.

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CAPE Sociology U1 Paper 1