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Market The Company A small-scale startup with a team of developing a product. Simply put: HR was not given enough resources to keep up with the changes! We said that companies, including the ones I work with, want to move from a more static place to a more dynamic one — and if you look at it on the map above, it means they want to move upwards on the vertical axis. This can be easily avoided, if you approach change the right way, which brings us to another very important result of the study. The Facts In this case, I was brought in to work with the people and reduce the levels of complexity blocking value creation, and to make their new, more flexible work environment more accessible. And of course they leapfrog work culture aspects completely because the focus needs to be on changing the organisation — i. If you look at the situation through the model. That was the last time I heard from them. How strong is each work culture in each unit? You have a company that presents itself as caring to the employees and to outsiders. The culture of the organisation provides the meaning, direction and clarity the human glue that drives the business to achieve its goals. Too theoretical? For example: if at a certain point you need to choose between delivering results in time or making sure that you provide enough support to your colleagues, what are you going to do?

It includes the shared beliefs and the policies and procedures that determine the ways in which the organisation and its people behave and solve business problems.

How strong is each work culture in each unit?

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Work Culture Case Study 2 — Leaving Culture Behind The Company A successful company with a skyrocketing growth, putting a lot of focus on how much they believed in the power of people, at the time undergoing a change process to become more flexible and change their work environment to ensure more focus on value creation.

The Facts I was contacted by this company twice to organise a few workshops that would fit their needs and culture for those events, specifically to make their teams more united and agile. If this keeps on going, they may well pack up their things and go.

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Lessons Learnt 1 — A strong work culture misaligned with strategy can be a heavy liability. What will you be rewarded or punished for?

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So, for this company, the strain was between the culture that the CEO wished for, and the culture that the market needed.

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Case Study 3: Changing the Culture at XYZ Airlines