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It is to have direction, meaning, belonging, and fullness. Christianity still matters, because it and only it provides the framework for meaning in both the lives of individuals and the arc of the world. Osline biola. They can offer us great beauty and maybe some comfort, but at best, they only distract us from an ugly and broken world where girls die while walking home from Walgreens. Although her short thread is all that is apparent now, a greater tapestry will one day appear. He teaches both Augustinian studies and philosophy at the Abbey, and he is a member of the Ecumenical Commission of the Diocese of Orange. Avoid being judgmental even if your beliefs run counter those of your interview subject.

Written by spoken-word poet Sarah Kay, these words have been running through my head lately. Smietana, who is also the former religion reporter for The Tennessean in Nashville, spent years writing about attempts to block the construction of a mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The tides swell and take governments down with them.

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He found numerous stories in the tax returns of nonprofit groups opposing the mosque. Before she could get home, a man took her at gunpoint. This world seems so broken; where do I even start?

Christianity essay contest

Which Bible figure is most closely associated with leading the exodus from Egypt? After all, the story of creation is one of redemption. Try some rules of thumb stemming from my experiences and those of two veteran religion writers, Jaweed Kaleem, the senior religion reporter for The Huffington Post who has written about religion for six years, and Bob Smietana, president of the Religion Newswriters Association and a religion writer since Interested in writing personal essays? Use more than one way to find stories. Nothing new happens under the sun. Just 45 percent knew that Friday is the start of the Jewish Sabbath. A Christian, for example, could be a Catholic or Pentecostal or evangelical. This was the incisive act that would wake up a nation to who was really in charge. And despite the evil, God is still working in this world, revealing himself to us through relentless grace and mercy.

A century later, it happens again. And yet no trend or worldview has seemed to fully satisfy this deep chasm of despair and helplessness we have created for ourselves. Each contestant must read the specific book that is the focus of the Christian Worldview Essay Contest and write an essay about that book.

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In March, Smietana, a co-author of three books on religion, became the senior news editor of Christianity Today.

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