Colt 45 single action army (saa revolver

Afterthe legend was roll-stamped untilwhen the caliber designation ". With the adoption of the Colt Single Action Army revolver inthe service cartridges were Copper-cased.

InOcelot used one of his revolvers to execute U. Ocelot's SAA, circa However, he utilized a specially-engraved showpiece model initially.

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Just as Ocelot was about pull the loaded gun's trigger, The Boss snatched the gun from him and fired the bullet out of harm's way. Lawrence thereafter always carried one of these weapons for good luck. Ainsworth was the ordnance sub-inspector at the Colt factory for the first 13 months Oct. However, on October 26, , the day of the Gunfight at the O. The standard military revolver at the time was the Colt double action New Army revolver chambered in 38 Colt. It is often associated with Revolver Ocelot. From to , Colt produced many different versions, in various calibers, finishes, and barrel lengths. Sedgley who modified the revolvers to enhance performance and experimented with more effective ammunition. The Army promptly adopted the new revolver as the new standard-issue sidearm. The next most prevalent were the. Some of the separately-serialized. Firing the revolver is accomplished by drawing the hammer to full cock and pulling the trigger. Each round is loaded individually as the user turns the cylinder and ejects the casing with the built-in ejection rod attached below the barrel. Cartridge ejection is via the spring-loaded rod housed in a tube on the right side of the barrel. It is possible to fire the SAA rapidly by holding down the trigger and "fanning" the hammer with the other hand.

That gun took a shorter, slightly less potent version of the. Using the original load intended for the Single Action Army, a grain 16 g cast lead bullet over 40 grains 2. The hammer must be manually cocked for each shot.

Many of these engraved pieces were adorned with stocks made of ivory or pearl, with engraving and inlays as well. It does not appear in Metal Gear Solid V despite Ocelot himself appearing in The Phantom Pain due to the decision to use combined fictional weapons over real life weapons, although the Tornado-6 Revolver and to some extent the Windurger series S Combat Special and Adam-ska Special were based on the Single Action Army revolver the last partially being based on the engraved model.

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Loading The common loading method is to load 1, miss 1, then load the rest. Firing the revolver is accomplished by drawing the hammer to full cock and pulling the trigger. Ed McGivern dispelled the myth of the inaccuracy of this procedure by shooting tight groups while fanning the revolver.

However, the gun chamber had narrowly went to the wrong slide of the gun, which allowed Snake the opportunity to escape by jumping from the waterfall.

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