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The play mainly consists of conventional and satirical comedy that stems from the characterization of Dogberry, the absurd idea of cuckoldry, and a battle between the sexes. Hero's elder sister, Beatrice, is unlike her sister in that she has a fast tongue.

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For example, when Claudio is in the garden and thinks he's seeing his girlfriend, Hero, in the bedroom with another man. These twists often follow one of the misunderstandings. In the meantime, Don John's henchmen are arrested by the local constable whose malapropisms create a little comic relief and the plot to besmirch Hero's name is exposed. The crisis that lies at the center of Much Ado About Nothing troubles many readers and viewers, since the play creates a very strong sense of anger, betrayal, hatred, grief, and despair among the main characters. With their gentle bickering, they hope to expose the frailties not only of their opponent, but also of his or her entire gender. Although the young lovers Hero and Claudio provide the main impetus for the plot, the courtship between the older, wiser lovers Benedick and Beatrice is what makes Much Ado About Nothing so memorable. The play mainly consists of conventional and satirical comedy that stems from the characterization of Dogberry, the absurd idea of cuckoldry, and a battle between the sexes. Wealthy and renowned, Shakespeare retired to Stratford and died in at the age of fifty-two. In the absence of credible evidence to the contrary, Shakespeare must be viewed as the author of the thirty-seven plays and sonnets that bear his name. The lovers, along with the rest of Hero and Claudio's wedding party, decide to bring Benedick and Beatrice together.

The techniques have been employed throughout the verbal battles, characterizations and humiliating ideas all adding to the conventions of a Shakespearean comedy. Around he left his family behind and traveled to London to work as an actor and playwright.

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Shakespearean comedies also often feature plot twists. Can you think of any modern examples of films, books, plays or TV programmes that use the same comedy elements? The characterization of Dogberry is very humors allowing the audience to laugh at him. But its not only Benedick and Beatrice who create all the humor, its also Dogberry. A group of soldiers are returning, victorious. They get the most stage time, as well as the majority of the best lines. With Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare also creates the first example of the romantic generic convention of the two romantic leads that love to hate each other. Author: Brandon Johnson. Jokes and wordplay Shakespearean audiences would have loved the verbal battling between the characters. In Much Ado About Nothing, Claudio believes that his girlfriend, Hero, is dead, so he certainly doesn't expect her to turn up at his wedding as his bride.

Much Ado is of the comedy genre as it contains humorous scenes and ends happily, however the play …show more content… Prose predominates in comedy and where a conversational rather than an emotional or imaginative effect if desired, this strengthens the argument that Much Ado is a comedy.

In other words, when the characters don't know who the other people actually are. Updated March 17, Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare is a delightful comedy which plays out a number of Shakespeare's best loved themes : confusion between lovers, the battle of the sexes, and the restoration of love and marriage.

Shakespeare wrote the play mostly in prose form except for scenes of extreme emotion and feeling, "could she here deny…thou wouldst not quickly die" as when Hero's unfaithfulness was enlightened at the church to Leonato.

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