Customers behaviour in e commerce in china

Appreciating and understanding the preferences and mindsets of different consumer groups in China is key to entering or expanding further into the Chinese market.

If you have any queries or want to know more about Chinese consumer behavior, please leave a comment. The market can also be quite complex as different groups and regions have different needs and may experience different trends.

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Increasing exposure to and integration of social media in daily life play a significant role in this rapid change.

Chinese consumer behavior is indeed a complex issue, as consumer trends vary among different groups and regions in China. Both of these groups grew up in the early stage of the reform era, and hence they swing between traditional and new trends. As a result, this group is very price sensitive. Migrant workers, who are generally years old are rural residents who moved to the city to get work to provide for their rural families.

Effects of mobile payment in Mainland China The number of people accesses to the Internet via mobile devices phones, pads etc.

chinese consumer behaviour

They will have fewer responsibilities with respect to childcare and hence will have a higher propensity for spending money on entertainment, groceries, traveland high-quality healthcare products. The growth of elderly consumers will create new business opportunities, particularly in elderly care, health and wellness and home appliances sectors.

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[Infographic] 6 Facts about eCommerce Consumer Behavior in China