Deforestation case study brazil

Reference List Boucher, D. To measure the success of the initiative, policymakers used many parameters, such as the rate of deforestation, which could be measured by any increase in the area of protected land less the deforested areas. Bibliography View bibliography. Any number of examples of rampant deforestation could be given; almost every country which has tropical rain forest can offer a tale similar to that of Brazil, if not on the same scale.

PLoS Biology 8 3. Even the most conservative estimates project that if we keep cutting rainforests as we are today, within about years there will be none left.

These cycles of land use, which are driven by poverty and population growth as well as government policies, have led to the rapid loss of tropical rainforests.

Implementation to address the problem began in and was coordinated by the Office of the Chief of Staff of the President. Measurement Strong A sound monitoring system was deployed by the government from the beginning of the initiative, and IBAMA was also monitoring the impact of its practices through a monitoring centre.

deforestation in brazil

In this post, we will focus on the topic and discuss why Brazil has been relatively successful from to in decreasing their deforestation.

The second phase was to focus on tightening the cooperation between the federal agencies and state and local governments, and deal with existing economic incentives that encouraged deforestation, such as the rural credit system for producers. He continued the anti-deforestation policy as the action plan went into its second phase.

Deforestation case study brazil

In Brazil, all land which is not privately owned belongs to the states, although some supra-state agencies regulate forest exploitation. This is effective as the industry compromises to use these existing land. The NGOs persuaded the government and the relevant industries to impose the soy and beef moratoria. We might expect a lush rainforest to grow from incredibly rich, fertile soils, but actually, the opposite is true. Loggers cut out the best timber for domestic use or export, and in the process knock over many other less valuable trees. Reference List Boucher, D. One solution is for individual trees to grow close together, making pollination simpler, but this can make that species vulnerable to extinction if the one area where it lives is clear cut. They collaborated in many ways, for example: Azevedo worked with the National Commission of Forests, scientist, and representatives from the private sector, civil society and the indigenous community representatives to draft the Law. In Para state alone, km2 of forest are logged every year, and the pace is accelerating as the Brazilian population grows and the economy expands, increasing demand Uhl, Having read the different articles, I found it quite amazing how Brazil, being a large country can manage to curb and reduce deforestation rates rather successfully over these years. Policy Clear Objectives Good The ultimate overall objective was to achieve zero deforestation, something that is considered to be feasible by see Public impact above. Yes, says the Union of Concerned Scientists, but the evidence contradicts this claim. A single tree may house more than 40 different ant species, each of which has a different ecological function and may alter the habitat in distinct and important ways.
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Case Study: The Amazon Rainforest