Describe the potential tension between maintaining individual confidentiality and disclosing concern

If you do not have good communication skills then service users are less likely to communicate with you and trust you which will affect you providing the best care an example of poor communication which affects the workplace is if a client is trying to tell you that they are being abused but you are not really listening, not showing and interest, not empathising with the client they are less likely to open up to you about the abuse.

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As a care worker, before you pass on any information about any service user to other person syou must seek consent from the service user. There are a number of services that can be accessed to support communication.

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You must keep personal information up to date and not keep records for longer than necessary: The new playgroup treasurer shredded a letter to a parent about unpaid fees because the debt had been settled. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

Describe the potential tension between maintaining individual confidentiality and disclosing concern

There are many different reasons people communicate: To express feelings To resolve problems To persuade To give information To seek information To express opinions To build relationships To maintain relationships To better their own knowledge To reassure To build trust To debate To share experiences 1.

Eye contact is also very important factor as this engages the service user, keeping them focused on what you are talking about. Whilst communicating with the service user I would ask questions about any problems they may have with communication watching their body language and reactions for any type of problems.

Another further area that may cause tension is social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, there are now many problems caused by social networking because information can be passed around extremely quickly and without proper control or authority. Confidentiality is a right covered legally under the Data Protection Act to protect personal details of a client. Breaking confidentiality is a very difficult decision to make but the well being and safety of the client should always be uppermost in deciding what to do. Also a main feature of sexual abuse is that the abuser asks the child to keep this a secret between them. Health issues: When you are feeling ill, you may not be able to communicate as effectively as when you are feeling well. Individuals have a right to know what information is held about the and in most cases may access this: Elizibar's written request to read the medical records was ackowledged and he was sent a copy. We have a duty of care to the client so in certain circumstances we must balance the risk between this duty and breaking confidentiality. Promises of confidentiality is not always appropriate or sensible to give service users who may wish to talk about personal problems. These services can be utilised by educational and health services through a booking system. There will be a confidentiality policy where you work that includes procedures to guide the way confidential information is recorded, handled, stored and shared. Do not disclose information to others unless there is a legitimate reason: Jake passed his reading test, but his teacher would not say how well his friend did, because it was confidential. This can be very hard to work out so having colleagues to discuss this will help you come to a quick conclusion and more accurately.

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