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The Executive Flight Terminal is located in beside the Terminal 2 and has hosts flights serving premium passengers, high-end travelers or important guests of the country. With a capacity of 15 million, it would bring the total capacity of the airport to 90 million passengers by —an increase of 15 million.

Over the years, more mobile gates were added to the airport bringing the total as of to The building includes a multi level underground structure, first and business class lounges, restaurants, check-in counters and 2, car-parking spaces. For transiting passengers, a shuttle service runs between the terminals, with a journey time of around 20 minutes from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 and 30 minutes to Terminal 3.

It is used by over 50 airlines, mainly operating in the Persian Gulf region.

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The terminal has 10 floors 4 basements, a ground floor and 5 above floors. It incorporates 50 gates, including 28 air bridges and 22 remote gates located at a lower level of the terminal.

It also will see Emirates take over the operation at Concourse C, along with concourse A and B which it will already be operating. However, passengers cannot move between Terminal 2 to 1 or from 2 to 3 and vice verse inside the airport. Concourse C became part of Terminal 3 in after concourse D opened.

For the citizens of the countries listed below, there is no need to obtain a visa in advance, they may proceed to Immigration after the flight, and a days visa will be stamped into their passport free of charge. Emirates took over operations of concourse C in as all airlines operating from concourse C moved to concourse D.

The visa fees shall be paid upon application for a visa; visa fees are not refundable; entry into the UAE is the subject for immigration control; all visas are valid for 60 days to enter the country, except the hour visa which will be valid for 30 days since the date of issue.

There is also a room hotel and health club including both five and four star rooms.

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Dubai International Airport