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For the information flows, e-commerce optimised the capacity of information processing than companies used to have, and for the financial flows, e-commerce allows companies to have more efficient payment and settlement solutions.

As a result various new markets have emerged from Ecommerce itself giving a boost to the global market. This process is inconvenient as customers need to pack and post the goods. It is revolutionizing the way modern consumers shop. Whether you are a startup or an established entrepreneur, having a strong online presence of your business is a must thing.

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Payment solution like My Payment Savvy provides a custom payment solution for your business which can maximize your conversion. Setting up a brand new ecommerce store can be quite hard and at the same time, quite easy.

By every big-picture metric, social media and ecommerce should be a match made in heaven. The solution integrates with several eCommerce and accounting platforms including Magento, Shopify, Amazon, eBay and more. Editorial note: this article was last updated Jan.

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The recommender system could be operated through the top sellers on the website, the demographics of customers or the consumers' buying behavior.

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