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However, Ford blames growing up in Jackson, Mississippi as his reason for wil Ford does think staying in one place is normal, "One never goes with no uneasiness that staying is the norm" In Frank Bascombe, Ford has created one of the most complex and memorable characters of our time, and the novel itself is a nuanced, often hilarious portrait of contemporary American life.

But I think the truth was — back then, when I was a young writer, myself, and maybe still is, now that I'm getting to be an old one — my working-class origins were making their claim on me. In all of Ford's moves from location to place, he has been in search of something greater.

I was a house detective and carried a pistol.

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He was increasingly sought after as an editor and contributor to various projects. Somebody who gives an honest day's work for an honest day's pay — even if in my case that's not always what I do.

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But hitting in the face is still an act the possibility of which I retain as an idea--one of those unerasable personal facts we carry around in deep memory and inventory almost every day, and that represent the seemingly realest, least unequivocal realities we can claim access to It's demeaning and middlebrow. And the fact that I am completely wrong about this is that I suspect my understanding of my country; the suspicion that makes me interest again is finding ways I am wrong. I can change them at will, and do. Today, by vow, I don't do that kind of thing anymore, and pray no one does it to me. Years ago, I was briefly a teacher of creative writing at the University of Michigan, and I had a young woman in my class who complained, sometimes caustically, about me always referring to writing as work. Should you want to mess your narrative essay, give it a robust start, descriptive parts of the body, then a bland or insipid ending. Maybe I was naive. Ford does think staying in one place is normal, "One never goes with no uneasiness that staying is the norm" Sanders asserts that "in our national mythology, the worst destiny is to be trapped on a farm, at a village, or at certain unglamorous union" Sanders You see what I mean.

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This writing life, by Richard Ford