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All this will be a past history. Unity in country The Shabad Kirtan should unite India from gurudwaras, Azan from mosques, Bajans from Temples chiming of the bells from Churches merge and mingle and produce a harmonious, melodious, spiritual tune, which should love by every human being.

People would then have a clean and healthy environment to live in. Employment There is a lack of good employment opportunities in the country. Cricket is a bat and ball game similar to Baseball played between two teams of eleven players each on a field. Respect for women and elders India of my dreams also should respective in nature.

In our motherland, it is a basic requirement of every ordinary people. This is mainly because of weak industrial growth. You can choose any article or essay according to your requirement. The people of India should have a confidence that they can stand on their own. The country would not only be self-sufficient but export food to other countries.

Casteism Casteism is another major issue that needs to be worked upon.

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There should be mass education and need-based education system to turn the human-population into human resources. I dream of India where wealth is equally distributed among the citizens.

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India of my dreams