Follow up email after business presentation

Analyze your existing sales process. Teamwork Closes More Deals Whose job is warming up the leads?

sample follow up email to client after sending proposal

I sent you some information about [product or service] a while ago and I thought this might be a good time to give you a practical demonstration. Encourage questions in your third letter. If you feel I left out any other important aspects of our conversation, please let me know. Thanks for test-driving the Mustang yesterday.

Finally, always summarize your initial meeting. That marks our annual factory sale when the manufacturer kicks in some considerable rebates and a low interest rate.

This will likely cause the other person to perceive you as caring, thoughtful, and attentive. Otherwise, a competitor might take your potential client from you. This will make it too long to read and too hard to concentrate. We have discussed the Results and Reporting section.

Showing gratitude and giving a little extra detail can be enough.

follow up email after business meeting
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Follow Up After a Sales Presentation or Demonstration