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Two of the extra lines use a percentage of room revenue as a base for the calculation. For example, any property, equipment, or unsold inventory you own is an asset with a value that can be assigned to it. Cells with yellow or light blue backgrounds are designed for user input. If you want to change a formula, we strongly recommend that you save a copy of this spreadsheet under a different name before doing so. You do this in a distinct section of your business plan for financial forecasts and statements. Extensive directions and guidance for a particular page or on a specific accounting topic are found in blue boxes like this one on pages that are not self-explanatory. The financial section of your business plan should include a sales forecast, expenses budget , cash flow statement , balance sheet , and a profit and loss statement. When getting into the second year of your business plan and beyond, it's acceptable to reduce the forecast to quarterly sales. Comments will have a beige background. This information will automatically carried over to Years

Review the financial model output and make changes to see how they affect the projections. Still, he says that it's easier to explain in sequence, as long as you understand that you don't start at step one and go to step six without looking back--a lot--in between.

3 year financial projection template

Important: When you paste a chart object into your business plan, make sure to "Paste as a Picture" because pasting the chart as an embedded object means that the entire spreadsheet becomes embedded in your Word document even though what you see is only the chart.

Non-Operation Income You may have, or be expecting some income in addition to your operating income. As your mouse moves away from the triangle, the comment will disappear.

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Forecasted Revenue The forecasted revenue section allows you to estimate your revenue for 4 different products. Keep in mind that revenue often will trail sales, depending on the type of business you are operating. You need to account for this lag when calculating exactly when you expect to see your revenue.

business plan financial projections sample

You're going to need to understand how much it's going to cost you to actually make the sales you have forecast. This will typically paste the data as a formatted and editable table in Word, though none of the formulas will be functional within Word and the table will not be linked to Excel.

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How to Write the Financial Section of a Business Plan