Herbal medicine research paper

African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Initiative. What makes clinical research in developing countries ethical?

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Favourable risk—benefit ratio In international herbal medicine research, several practical challenges arise in making accurate risk—benefit determinations. It is already widely used for immune boosting in AIDS.

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As illustrated here, these challenges are significant. Focus group procedure All the participants were informed about the content and purpose of the study prior to the FG and joined voluntarily, i. Herbal medicines involve the use of plant seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. Despite these complexities, investigators have successfully adapted double-blind RCT designs to complex individually tailored Chinese herbs. Scheid V. Geneva: World Health Organisation; Perspect Biol Med.

Gastil J, Levine P, editors. Am J Chin Med.

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In general, international research on traditional herbal medicines should be subject to the same ethical requirements as all research related to human subjects. Those reviewing protocols should factor in the uncertainty associated with product variability in determining whether a herbal medicine trial has a favourable risk—benefit ratio. Corresponding author. Nigeria boosts research into traditional medicine Science and Development Network; Both moderators were experienced in moderating group discussions. The deliberative democracy handbook: strategies for effective civic engagement in the 21st century San Francisco, CA: Wiley; Competing interests: None declared. At the same time, the focus groups chosen this way offered a bandwidth of different user experiences. Several plant parts used for herbal medicines have been extensively studied. Strengths and weaknesses of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the eyes of some Hong Kong Chinese.

Hepato-protective potential of methanol extract of leaf of Ziziphus mucronata against dimethoate toxicity: Biochemical and Histological approach. Adelaja A.

Herbal medicine research paper

Schaffner KF. Each focus group discussion began with an introduction round, in which the participants, the moderators, as well as the research assistant, introduced themselves. J Clin Epidemiol. Favourable risk—benefit ratio In international herbal medicine research, several practical challenges arise in making accurate risk—benefit determinations. On the basis of their age, the recruited participants 46 in total were allocated to an age-specific focus group discussion. Willcox ML, Bodeker G. In the case presented earlier, investigators should have reservations about implementing a large-scale clinical trial for Africa Flower. Adelaja A. Leung AY. In China, traditional herbal medicine played a prominent role in the strategy to contain and treat severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS. They often come into use by a process of trial and error, or over centuries. Scientific validity Research should be designed to produce beneficial and generalizable knowledge.

Both moderators were experienced in moderating group discussions. However, conceptualizations of health and illness can vary across medical systems and populations, making agreement on valid inclusion and exclusion criteria for international herbal medicine research collaborations more difficult to achieve.

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Stop hypertension with the acupuncture research program SHARP : results of a randomized, controlled clinical trial.

Furthermore, sustainable collaborative research partnerships would benefit from robust and independent adverse-event reporting systems for herbal medicines so that the risk—benefit ratio for herbal medicine research can be more clearly defined.

The moderators guided the discussion following a questioning route, encouraging the participants to speak freely and to openly share their views [ 46

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