How to write a myth about a natural phenomenon

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Marduk led the new gods in battle against the old gods. It can be a word from another language or a new word to describe your favorite color.

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Isn't it fun, just for a moment, to imagine a god of thunder who fearlessly protects his people from fates worse than death with a magical hammer? That we know of.

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Observe carefully. This myth can be interpreted as a reflection on the flaws of humanity. Alternatively, maybe the Roar is getting louder. Writing prompts are an excellent way to stay in good writing shape. In the modern day, nations gain influence and prestige through atomic power. Who knows what could be down there, waiting in the dark. Maybe it's time for Cupid to step up his game. It can be a word from another language or a new word to describe your favorite color. As an ancient body of water hidden away from the eyes of humankind, it practically screams Lovecraftian Horror.

As a strong and courageous warrior, Thor was the protector of both gods and humans. Today, we don't need a storm god to explain wind and rain.

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It can be anything, just as long as it qualifies as a new word. If the setting is very high techthen your story could be about trying to stop a GRB from happening, or at the very least evacuate a planet in its path. So does poetry.

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Even our ancestors contemplated the creation of earth, natural disasters, flaws in humanity, death, and love. For example, take these eight beauties. Maybe we humans are the only species that uses radio waves for communication, and your story could be about the engineer who finally figures out how to tap into whatever the aliens employ. A space-born monster? Marduk decreed that humans would do the work gods had no time for and in return the gods would care for them. When Izanami gave birth to a fire god, it fatally burned her. Like earthquakes, hurricanes are often unpredictable. The most popular among many different hypotheses is that when lightning strikes the ground, it sometimes sublimates silicon into luminous orbs of fire. Hide the internal editor. In other words, find something that is familiar that you can observe. Make it something that really interests you. Melting the ice on top of it would take too much energy.

The story can be as fantastic as you want.

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20 Myths To Use As Writing Prompts