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My supervisor relayed to me how eye-opening everyone found the classes, which is exactly the response that gives me excitement to build a career in dietetics. Lastly, my internship with the consulting RD in a long-term care setting, where I practiced nutrition assessment and performed tasks such as meal rounds, menu audits, and revising menu extensions, has further deepened my understanding of medical nutrition therapy. My career objective is to use the knowledge and skills I have gained from my education and life experiences to empower others to live healthier lives through proper nutrition. The knowledge and skills acquired from all of your experiences can overlap in the vast areas of nutrition. Allen via GoToMeeting to create and update presentations by offering fresh research perspectives and design creativity, which Susan uses to present to students through her company Next Level Functional Nutrition a national training initiative for dietitians in IFM and at conferences to audiences of physicians, dietitians, and the lay public. In addition to improving my counseling skills, this unique experience has exposed me to many different health conditions, ultimately helping me become a better clinician. Include a brief sentence in your introduction, mention it your body, and restate in your conclusion. Your personal statement is your place to shine and show who you are beyond your resume. The missing piece was that he and his wife did not know how to adjust his insulin dose when necessary, so I referred them to a diabetes nurse educator and the physician. If you can, write down more than one example for each question and remember that some questions are asking for more than one idea, see question 4. For much of my life I experienced as normative a general malaise resulting from my lack of health wisdom. After triple bypass surgery, he was unable to exercise as he had done previously, and depended on his wife to remind him about medication because he frequently forgot things.

Below is the essay I wrote in He often had difficulties controlling his blood sugar and after probing for sociocultural issues, I discovered he often worried about his life, events on the news and sometimes for no reason at all. References Personal Statement for Sodexo Distance Education Dietetic Intership I am seeking to become a registered dietitian through the Sodexo Distance Education Dietetic Internship SDEDI as a result of my own health journey, which has diverged from the cultural road headed into chronic illness onto a path leading towards vibrant, whole health.

This internship illustrated to me how many opportunities are available to someone with my background and set of skills and even more important how I can give back.

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Take it one step further and share how your strengths will add value to the program. Then, I plan to continue to further explore my interests in maternal nutrition by obtaining my board certification as a lactation consultant.

The diversity of the Nevada population and clearly evident in-depth internship experiences are especially appealing to me.

Sodexo dietetic internship personal statement

If you are currently working on your statement, please do not read any online yet. First answer the questions and give examples for each idea you have. Once you are satisfied with your personal statement you may save it by clicking the save button at the bottom of the page. Having a few different perspectives is invaluable because any feedback will only strengthen your paper. Share your goals and discuss how the DI you are applying to will help you achieve those goals when you become an RD. Eventually, I would like to obtain a challenging managerial role where I would have the opportunity to build a meaningful, life-long career in dietetics. It should flow smoothly with the theme of your paper. This internship illustrated to me how many opportunities are available to someone with my background and set of skills and even more important how I can give back. As a non-traditional student, I have been entrusted with responsibilities that have prepared me for this internship beyond the capacity of a classroom. As a CNA, I have gained experience feeding elderly residents and observing nutrition-related diseases, while my time as a dietary aide taught me how to serve prescribed diets to address these disease states. What tips do you have for future RD2bes to write a strong personal statement?

To make your personal statement stand out, remember to be specific about your interest for that program, translate how your skills will bring value to the program, share your goals, and always proofread your paper before submitting the final copy!

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