How to write an opening and closing statement for mock trial

The rebuttal is usually around one minute of time where an attorney can counter directly what the other side has claimed. It is often longer and more detail-oriented in its argumentation than the opening statement.

how to write a closing statement for a debate

A good opening statement is one in which you provide a complete and compelling narrative of events that supports the side you represent without going into too much detail or making specific arguments.

Tip The proper way to address the judge is, "Your Honor. Share it! Judges have to pick jurors that don't know anything about a case — that way the jurors can be impartial.

Another extremely common mistake is to reference evidence that had actually been excluded via objection. Finally, without an aid or paper, an attorney is not tied to the podium and is not seen as clumsy because they are holding something. In addition to direct and cross-examination, in which attorneys question witnesses on both sides, attorneys often need to perform opening and closing arguments, which serve very specific functions in a case and must be organized and executed accordingly.

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How to Make an Opening Statement for a Mock Trial