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In a rare recent interview, he said he had never sought power and opposed dynasty in politics. He founded his political party, the Aam Admi Common Man party or AAP in the wake of that campaign, with a basic aim of fighting graft, bringing better governance and cleaning up the murky and opaque world of Indian politics.

The party had stormed to power in February by bagging 67 of the 70 seats in the Delhi assembly.

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But hit by a faltering economy, corruption scandals and runaway inflation, Congress is now at a low ebb. What happens next depends greatly on what deals can be cut with coalition partners.

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Modi skillfully projected himself as efficient and clean, a friend of free enterprise as well as of the poor, a man who knows the value of a good road and of plentiful electricity.

But, even allowing for this obsession, the election campaign that ended on Friday, which has held the country in thrall for nearly a year, has been unusually absorbing.

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With more than seats of its own, the party can form the government alone if it wanted to. The Congress asked voters to examine whether they wanted to elect Modi, a man who had ruled the state of Gujarat when more than a thousand people—mostly Muslims—were killed in religious riots, in , who was known for his autocratic temperament, and whose political education was shaped by Hindu nationalists. What happens next then depends greatly on what deals can be cut with coalition partners. Amit Shah was also instrumental in discovering and aligning with strategic allies; one good example is the Apna Dal, which nobody had heard of but managed to grab two seats in its first-ever election. This turned out to be very interesting as two voice companies from India, TringMe and VoiceHawk played the pivotal role in reaching out to the billion people of India. Yet he said that as Jaitley was his " guru " he would accept the decision, but would not run from any other constituency. Other parties In Uttar Pradesh, the state which sends most MPs to parliament, the Samajwadi and Bahujan Samaj parties are both relatively weak but could still have a role to play. As ever in India, nothing is simple. Taking the results of the six most populous states — together accounting for over half of the Lok Sabha — we can see different battles everywhere with much local variation. Particular focus was on the Northeast, where Modi conducted quite a few rallies.
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