Individual differences and personalities

Specific neurotransmitters and brain structures can be associated with a broad class of approach behaviors and positive affects while other neurotransmitters and structures can be associated with a similarly broad class of avoidance behaviors and negative affects. The book begins with the main approaches to the study of personality, basic principles of personality measurement, the concept of personality traits, and the major dimensions of personality variation.

Current work on the bases of individual differences is concerned with understanding this delicate interplay of biological propensities with environmental opportunities and constraints as they are ultimately represented in an individual's information processing system.

Unlike books that focus on individual theorists, this book focuses on current research and theory on the nature of personality and related individual differences.

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This leads to a discussion of the origins of personality, with descriptions of its developmental course, its biological causes, its genetic and environmental influences, and its evolutionary function. IRT estimates, on the other hand, are concerned with the precision of measurement for a particular person in terms of a metric defined by item difficulty.

Predictive Validity Individual differences are important only to the extent that they make a difference.

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Newbury Park, Ca. Just as different samples of words will yield somewhat different estimates of vocabulary, different cognitive tasks e.

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The SAGE Handbook of Personality and Individual Differences