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The big increase in tourist arrivals from China and India is due to the aggressive promotional blitz carried out by the government while the increase in arrivals from West Asia is a direct consequence of September 11 and the invasion of Iraq, which diverted Middle Eastern tourists to the safe Muslim country of Malaysia.

Sustainable Development Goals, the point global agenda designed to achieve a more fair, just and balanced world. The economic potential of the World Heritage Site branding makes it attractive for budget airlines to operate routes to such destinations from regional hubs such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Bangkok.

The above sessions will focus on promoting the basic contents of the directions set out in the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Planincluding developing the ASEAN tourism marketing strategy forimplementing the agreement on the establishment of a regional secretariat for the implementation of the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals MRA-TPand developing new tourism products, as well as encouraging the participation of local communities and the private sector in tourism development.

At the local authority level, the bulk of the tourism-related projects carried out are in the form of street improvement and beautification programmes. In turn, the social benefit of youth travel has the potential to be transformed into an economic benefits in the future.

What needs to be taken into account when developing quality tourism in ASEAN given that it still faces some crucial challenges like investment in tourism facilities, services and connectivity, along with limited human resources? Mushrooming Of Budget Airlines A recent but significant phenomenon that is likely to have serious implications on the tourism industry in the Asian region is the mushrooming of budget airlines operating within the region.

This could be done by developing and implementing accreditation programmes for sustainable tourism that are tailored to the needs of both the formal sector resorts, hotels as well as the informal sector chalets, stalls, cottage industries.

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We also have to continually upskill and ensure that people within the tourism industry remain valued, competitive and have good job prospects.

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ASEAN continues to work on quality tourism against all odds