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But identifying precisely of what actions such micro-scripts are comprised can be quite difficult. One must have experiences, not hear about them.

Building, cooking, and sewing had these schooling components in it and these activities also represented everyday life for the students.

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Many elementary schools are smarter than this and teach kids to play anyway. Someone telling you about how something tastes, in effect, giving you a vocabulary for describing tastes, is not of great value. This means teaching ways of developing good questions rather than good answers.

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As babies, we discover things by ourselves before we can be told. Some of these may be micro-scripts learned on the job, micro-scripts learned at other times but applied in a new place, or brand new actions, taken for the first time, invented by the user, which will eventually become micro-scripts if they continue to be of use. We can force students to memorize information for long periods of time, especially if we give them mnemonics such as alphabetical cues or rhymes. All cognitive micro-scripts have a physical component, although that physical component is quite often rather uninteresting and the knowledge of how to do it quite independent of the micro-script in question. I have learned those skills by doing them. My experience was quite useful. Being able to compare one wine to another, having many different experiences to generalize from, means being able to create new cases a particularly great wine would be remembered, for example and new generalizations seeing a common property that all wines from a certain place or year had in contrast to others from different places or years, for example. This year at McMaster, experiential learning has been both the competition and the prize as six winners of an extracurricular Big Ideas competition flew off to tour Silicon Valley facilities where they hope one day to work or learn how to start up their own ventures. Learning to do them comes from the results they bring. The reason why all this matters is that the object of learning in learning by doing is the acquisition of micro-scripts. Natural learning means learning on an "as needed" basis. One of the places where real life learning takes place is in the workplace, "on the job.

Thus, the MOP restaurant included scenes such as "paying" or "ordering" or "being seated," which, with the exception of some of the variables contained in the restaurant's version of "paying" or "ordering" were not substantially different from MOP to MOP. I drank Bordeaux for years without really knowing anymore about the region of Bordeaux than that it was in the southwest of France somewhere.

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When we eat sushi for the first time and then feel we want to understand all the possibilities for sushi, both good and bad, we know that this means eating more sushi. Similarly, the e-mail micro-script involves only mouse clicks and keyboard strokes at the physical level.

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Wikiversity learning projects provide activities that allow Wikiversity participants to learn by doing. Here again, this does not mean repetition of the same micro-script again and again as is done in drill and practice situations in school. The micro-script refers to the set of actions one learns as part of one's role within a scene. We treat people the way we do, communicate the way we do, and reason the way we do, without thinking about it very much at all. For this reason, it might be better to describe the substance of what we want people to learn about these phenomena as participation strategies. When we attempt to understand anything, we do so by attempting to find something in our memories that looks sufficiently like it so as to be helpful in processing. Under this light, the idea of curriculum becomes very clear. We shall see why this matters later on.
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