List of small ecoticons

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All of them will result in the emoticon. Each name that appears as a link will pop up with a description and artwork. Most of these options have nothing to do with emoji and let you do things like tag friends in the post, start a poll, and check in to a nearby location.

emoji meanings of the symbols

When you're done adding emoji to the text box, click the little Smiley Face again to close the menu and continue updating your post if you want to by adding text behind or in front of any emoji.

There was an entire book about emojis released on August 1, The Emoji Code. When you're all done, click the Post button to post the emoji and your status update for all your Facebook friends to see.

Post the comment normally using the Enter key. In the early days, Facebook users had a limited selection of emoticons, but now there's a huge menu full of emoji you can pick from when making status updates, posting commentsand chatting in private messages.

List of small ecoticons
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Genius! List of Emoji Names, Meanings, and Art