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You'll want to consider meeting the requirements for union membership. Remember to always take pictures of the actors after hair and makeup have been completed. But by being on a set working with make-up challenges, you'll learn how production works and pick up tips on how to be effective as a make-up artist.

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In the event that you have to recreate the makeup at a later date reshootsyou can use these images as a reference which is called continuity. Airbrushing The use of an airbrush which is a small air-operated device that sprays various media some products and water-based makeup by a process of nebulization.

Comparing Similar Jobs People interested in becoming a movie makeup artist also consider the following career paths, listed with their median hourly wage or annual salary:.

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Work Environment Movie makeup artists often work on the production set of a movie in progress. Assistant work: Becoming a makeup artist is no easy task, especially depending on where you want to work.

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In addition, schools with a film focus may be able to help you get internships and jobs and make contacts with classmates and alumni in the business. Stars often bring their own hairdresser to filming locations, rather than using the services of the film's hair department. Comparing Similar Jobs People interested in becoming a movie makeup artist also consider the following career paths, listed with their median hourly wage or annual salary:. Although school will give you a start, your training really will come from working in the industry. For television, bright and hot lights are usually used so makeup should be fuller coverage and long-wearing. Liquid foundations that are high in coverage but thin in consistency are applied with the airbrush for full coverage without a heavy build-up of product. This often includes defining the eyes and lips as well as the highlights and lowlights of the facial bones. Some of their jobs may require extended periods of deep concentration to complete meticulous requests. The senior make-up artist oversees the work of the other make-up artists and usually become primarily responsible for continuity. An actor has a much easier time being able to commit to a role if they truly believe that they have been transformed into the character they are playing. At least, that's how it worked for some well-known make-up artists. To join Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild, Local , in Los Angeles, for example, you'll need to have worked 60 days per year for three of the last five years on non-union film or television productions under contract with an employer within Los Angeles County. It is true artistry. The assistant makeup artist may work on lesser characters or apply makeup to everyone in the cast. Avant-garde makeup is also an applicable technique used for projects that require experimental themes.

Detail orientation: Movie makeup artists need to complete their work under pressure while paying attention to fine details. It is an essential part of the entertainment industry as it helps breathe life into a character by making them more three dimensional. Union requirements vary, so check your local for its requirements.

However, we do offer an add-on program where we teach the elements of working on a tv and movie set, along with how to use the items in your kit to create flaw-free skin perfect for HD TV and how to create bruises and fine lines.

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Once prosthetics, hairpieces and other make-up elements are finalized, they all must be inventoried and stored when they are not in use. That said, there's no direct path to becoming a film make-up artist. They apply and touch up the make-up. Accents such as theatrical blood and ooze are also techniques applicable to this type of makeup. This belief is mandatory for the audience as well. High-definition exposes any crease, wrinkle or blemish, so makeup should be sheer enough to allow natural-like skin but still hide uneven skin texture and flaws. For newscasters, they typically wear lowkey makeup that does not distract from the broadcast. Chambers, for example, was an Army dental technician who honed his craft with prosthetics while working with disfigured veterans.

For us to buy the story, we need to believe that there is actually a robot under Schwarzenegger's skin, or that Jennifer Lopez has bruises on her face, or whatever. This growth rate compares to the projected 7 percent growth for all occupations.

Make-up artists and directors will leaf through the portfolio to see what you can do.

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