Medical-surgical nursing critical thinking in patient care test bank

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The nurse should contact the physician to discuss the clients concerns. A contract-oriented discussion would take place after the goals are developed together. When patients are unsuccessfully attempting to cut down on their use of the substance, this is another behavior associated with substance dependence. To do this adequately, the nurse will need to have some level of familiarity with adult learning principles to provide effective patient education and evaluate the outcome. Rationale 2: There is no information to support that the use of alcohol would be avoided in an individual with type 2 diabetes. A handicap is the total adjustment to disability that limits functioning at a normal level. Global Rationale: Studies show that strong religious practices and treatment for depression will significantly reduce substance abuse in healthcare workers. Patients who use nicotine will find that it promotes vomiting. Which standards did the nurse violate? Global Rationale: Behavior indications of depression associated with substance abuse include the nurse leaving the unit and unable to be located for long periods of time. A large stage III pressure ulcer would be painful for the client during travel.

Global Rationale: Naltrexone helps diminish cravings for alcohol and opiates. There is also not enough information to support that the patient is using the pain medication to fit in with a peer group or using the pain medication to overcome low self-esteem.

Medical-surgical nursing critical thinking in patient care test bank

Discussing the effectiveness of bedside physical therapy with the therapist is an example of teamwork and collaboration. Case management Correct Answer: 1 Rationale 1: Team nursing is practiced by teams of healthcare providers with various levels of education, including unlicensed assistive personnel. Global Rationale: Divergent thinking, a critical-thinking skill, is the ability to weigh the importance of information. Rationale 3: While the accrediting body of an institution may encourage quality improvement activities, there is no reason to provide the chart audit results. The patient is less likely to have bounding peripheral pulses. The nurse focuses on normal data to rule out health problems. Leave the home. Results of one study revealed that adolescent boys of alcoholics with the D2 dopamine receptor gene used alcohol and became intoxicated from alcohol more often than boys without this genetic marker. Which of the following findings are consistent with this information? A large pressure ulcer would be painful for the patient during travel. Question 44 Type: MCMA Screening tools that assist in determining the degree of addiction or dependence includes which of the following? Global Rationale: Because drug users are often rebellious against social norms and engage in risky behaviors such as stealing, the nurse should assess the patient for drug and alcohol abuse. The nurse realizes that which of the following addictive substances would cause this effect in the patient?

Correct Answer: 1,2,3,4 Rationale 1: The patient will most likely exhibit tachycardia. Search through a database of articles to find current research on wound care.

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Rationale 1: Once significant issues and needs are identified, the nurse and patient should set mutually agreedupon goals. Global Rationale: An institution-based agency operates under a parent organization such as a hospital. Rationale 3: Identification of outcome criteria is a part of the planning phase of the nursing process. A high fat, high carbohydrate diet is not appropriate as the patient needs a balanced nutritional intake to provide for calories, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. The patient will not display increased strength and cognition. Question 19 Type: MCSA A patient is brought into the emergency department with dilated pupils, respiratory rate of six per minute, and seizure activity. The most correct responses revolve around the patient. A nurse has delegated the collection of vital signs, including blood pressure readings, to two unlicensed assistive personnel. Rationale 4: The patient may or may not have a mental health disorder.

These types of genetic issues lead to problems with alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use. Question 8 Type: MCSA Which of the following warning signs would indicate that a nurse is experiencing depression associated with substance abuse?

Rationale 2: Quality improvement uses data to monitor the outcomes of care and the processes used to deliver that care. The patient has an unreported addiction to the pain medication being prescribed. Rationale 2: Activated charcoal is used for alcohol or barbiturate overdose.

medical surgical nursing clinical reasoning in patient care pdf

Critical pathway 4. The bedridden client whos physician has prescribed oral antibiotic therapy for two weeks 4.

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Documenting that the patient is not eating is incorrect. These factors include environment. Documentation about the findings is indicated. Leader Correct Answer: 1 Rationale 1: The nurse is functioning as an educator by instructing the patient on annual tests to maintain health. Global Rationale: PCP overdose is associated with possible hypertensive crisis, respiratory arrest, hyperthermia, and seizures. Rationale 3: It is not unusual for one family patient to think that no additional help is necessary and for another to feel differently. Rationale 4: A skilled provider is not required to schedule physician appointments and write monthly bills and would not be reimbursed by Medicare for home care.

Rationale 3: These screening tools provide a nonjudgmental, brief, and easy method to determine patterns of substance abuse behaviors. Reminding the patient that he has the use of his other limbs will not help the patient with his feelings.

Rationale 4: Involvement of the family may or may not be indicated. Implying that the physician will be called could be considered threatening.

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