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Stories about the Norsemen were also written by their contemporaries, including both their trading partners such as the Arabs and the victims of their raids such as the Christian clerics who kept the historical records in Europe. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Makaev, who presumes a "special runic koine ", an early "literary Germanic" employed by the entire Late Common Germanic linguistic community after the separation of Gothic 2nd to 5th centurieswhile the spoken dialects may already have been more diverse.

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Note that there is only one rune for [u] and [o], too. An algorithm based on this table is behind the rune converter that I developed. The poems usually celebrate the exploits of a particular king or leader. The authenticity of some monuments bearing Runic inscriptions found in Northern America is disputed; most of them have been dated to modern times. If we try to use the Elder Futhark runes phonetically, that is substituting runes for the sounds we hear, the way runes were supposed to be used, we will fail, because there are not enough runes for all the English sounds. This is attested as early as on the Noleby Runestone from c. With minor variations, this language was spoken throughout the Norse lands during the Viking period. Many everyday objects are found inscribed with the owner's name, or the maker's name, or other messages. The wooden surface of historical tablets from the Norse era bear marks where the stylus broke through the wax, and the marks show that the runic alphabet was being used.

The tablet shown in the photos is a modern reproduction. Scholars wrote books describing how to use Roman letters to represent the sounds of the Icelandic language. Material was deleted and new material written to bridge the gap.

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The purpose of the Rok stone is subject to debate, but may well be a memorial stone, as well. No distinction is made in surviving runic inscriptions between long and short vowels, although such a distinction was certainly present phonologically in the spoken languages of the time.

The accuracy of the sagas especially the Icelandic family sagas has long been debated. There are two additional consonants.

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While the eddic poetry is uniformly anonymous, much of the surviving skaldic poetry is credited to a particular poet at a particular place and time.

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The Norse Runes