Of mice and men essay about loneliness

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It seemed as if her only goal in her daily life was to roam around looking for someone to give her attention, for that was all she was ever shown doing. They are always ready to help and to protect each other. Due to the lack of companionship and depression of the era, it appears that the characters are bound to loneliness. The different types described are Isolation which means that you are kept separate from others because you have an illness just like being in quarantine. Candy the old crippled man wants. For various reasons the characters in the novel experience loneliness. Many of the characters are very lonely and some of them try to look for an alternative way of life. His superficial hardness served as a defense mechanism to protect his insecurely weak and vulnerable self hiding beneath his exterior. She does not like talking to Curley, and with no one else on the ranch to talk to, she has sunken into an abyss of loneliness.

Wang, John Steinbeckborn in Salinas, California, is one of the most significant and representative American writers in that era.

Work Cited Karyn, Hall, Ph. He did not see man as special or particularly cared for. Loneliness is an inevitable fact of life and cannot be avoided, as shown prevalent through each of the characters in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. One of the loneliest characters in the novel was Crooks, the black stable buck.

Of mice and men loneliness

The novel starts off and is set in Soledad which means lonely. Her loneliness took a drastic toll on her behavior towards others. He grew up in one of the richest agricultural place. It strikes every living soul at one point or another, as it takes an immensely deep emotional toll. Maybe because of its vast land and financial opportunity. I tell ya. Steinbeck contrasts this companionship with the loneliness of the other characters. Of Mice and Men was written in , seven years after the start of the Great Depression. At the beginning they get a job working on a farm together. In conclusion, the superficial sense of loneliness is not the deepest, most painful kind of loneliness.

George and Lennie's bond towards each other are so- strong that you can almost see it as you are reading the book. Finally, at the end of the novel, George lost his only source of consistent care and company when he had to shoot his own companion and only true friend.

Of mice and men essay about loneliness

Of Mice and Men. This shows just how bad Candy wants to get out of that ranch and that he will do anything to not be lonely. The individuals in the story are isolated by particular features such as age, sex, disability and race.

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Of Mice and Men Loneliness Essay