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Nike is not about going to a ball game. Knight paid a former Portland State student to develop the swoosh design, and Jeff Johnson, a Blue Ribbon Sports employee, literally dreamed up the Nike name. Knight talked himself into a distribution contract with the company, and when the executives asked which company he represented, Knight blurted out the first thing to come into his head: Blue Ribbon Sports. Time, June 30, ; February 15, Independent, October 28, , p. In the late s, when Reebok briefly supplanted Nike as the most profitable athletic shoe company, Knight streamlined the Nike campus in Beaverton, Oregon, and gave it a corporate atmosphere while maintaining the image of a company run by casually rebellious athletes. Knight's personal locker in the team's locker room displays the title "Uncle Phil", and other features include a gym with Brazilian hardwood floors, Apple iPhone chargers in each of the player's lockers, various auditoriums and meeting rooms, a games room for the players that includes flat-screen televisions and foosball machines, and a cafeteria. Knight was said to be not fond of advertising. Sales and profits fell in , and Nike laid off 1, employees. Knight Chairman and chief executive officer, Nike Nationality: American. It was there that he discovered Tiger brand running shoes, manufactured in Kobe by the Onitsuka Co.

The campus was named "The Knight Management Center," in honor of Knight's philanthropic service to the school. Human rights groups remained unconvinced. Simply put, it ensured that Nike endorsers maintained consistency outside the company-most importantly, by not endorsing any other product that would interfere with the Nike image.

Nike didn't exactly burst from the gate in profit, though. The Japanese, on the other hand, were experimenting with new, trimmed-down styles fashioned in lightweight, hardy nylon. Construction began in January and end in September But the world of sports endorsements is a brutal one, as the public learned at the summer Olympic games in Barcelona.

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That was the beginning of a longstanding rivalry between Nike and Reebok for market dominance. As he told Willigan, the athletic shoe industry, "and Nike in particular, gets a lot more press than many others because it's more fun to talk about us than about a company that makes widgets.

New Running Shoe That interest in sports-and especially track-gave Knight the impetus to study the way track shoes were being made and marketed in the late s.

From to Knight and his former track coach, Bill Bowerman, distributed Japanese-made running shoes in America and gradually laid the foundation for the Nike empire. Knight — Biography Philip H. Asian Labor Issues The company came under increasing scrutiny for its wages and working conditions in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam.

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