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Ellison gives a detailed catalogue of the belongings of the elderly evicted couple.

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The race riot at the end of Invisible Man is closely based upon the Harlem riot of August The men decide to investigate the narrator and send him away with his lunch. The Invisible Man demands to know where his things are and threatens to kill them. The mysteries of the Order, revealed and unrevealed, as they fall to the lot of the Invisible Man, have the authentic air of unreality that must have bemused so many honest, tormented men. He would like to be left alone. Jim Trueblood is regarded badly by the town as he impregnated his young daughter. The narrator is given many different names throughout the story by the hospital, the Brotherhood, etc. Bledsoe insists that white people often give such silly instructions as Norton did that day and that having grown up as a black man in the south, the narrator should know by now how to lie his way out of such situations. He is especially intrigued by a black West Indian man later identified as Ras the Exhorter whom he first encounters addressing a group of men and women on the streets of Harlem, urging them to work together to unite their black community.

The narrator is angered by this, too. On his deathbed, his grandfather compared the lives of black Americans to a war and said that he felt like a traitor to his race.

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In trying to find the homeless man, Griffin runs into his old school friend, Kemp to whom he confesses his amazing story. To prove that he is real, the Invisible Man throws a rock at Marvel. How does the metaphor of blindness relate to that of invisibility? The stranger complains about being interrupted once again. The story is a chronicle of the moral and psychological growth of the narrator and the themes revolve around his growth as a person and the development of his character. He dreams of racial uplift through humility and hard work, a doctrine preached by the school and the larger Southern culture. The narrator leaves the hospital feeling very different. Kemp tells Griffin that he can only help him if he knows the full story and Griffin agrees to tell him everything. The narrator turns him down and the man, named Brother Jack, accepts this, but gives him a phone number to call in case he changes his mind. He recovers somewhat and is released only to dump a spittoon on some man whom he mistakes for Dr. Norton back to campus.

The narrator is given many different names throughout the story by the hospital, the Brotherhood, etc. We use the following type of cookies: Essential cookies: these cookies are essential to the provision of our Website. He reminds him of their time together, saying that he once won a medal for chemistry at University College.

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He shows him, inadvertently, the underground black world that should not be seen. Ellison lost most of his work on his last novel in a fire and never managed to finish it.

Why is it appropriate that the narrator is unable to rid himself of it? The argument dies down after this and Jack tells the narrator to consult with Brother Hambro to learn about their new program.

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The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells Book Report