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Display projects[ edit ] This student is carrying his science project to school. Size of water and procedures for making water balloon, force, height of drop Data collected: Pattern observed at impact site What type of ball bounces the highest?

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Area of sail, material of sail, shape of boat, mass of boat What stays the same? Design of catapult Data collected: Distance object travels What is the best shape for a parachute? Wind speed on fan Data collected: Distance traveled over time What conditions make a top that spins the longest? They are, therefore, areas susceptible to colonization and development of new biological communities. Type of ball What stays the same? Type of insulation in a container What stays the same? I am impressed with its capabilities for sporadic research. Materials What stays the same?

Likewise, it will also record and characterize the environmental pressure on the surface, the air and soil temperatures, the relative humidity in the environment, the winds and the ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation. With this data acquired for the first time, it will evaluate the capabilities of the complete constellation of the 26 Galileo satellites.

Scientific projects

Size of ball, height from which ball is dropped Data collected: Bounce height How does changing the height from which a ball is dropped impact its bounce?

Shape of the parachute What stays the same? MEDA will characterize environmental dust size and shape distribution, phase function, etc. For this they will install a muon sensor, which was already tested in the Ice Summit expedition.

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Design of plane, size of paper, thrust, air currents Data collected: Distance plane travels using the same amount of thrust How does mass affect a pendulum swing? Type of ball What stays the same? Drop height, wind, area of parachute Data collected: Time for parachute to complete descent What is the best material to use for a parachute?

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Display boards are used to enhance the presentation. It will be completed by the collection of air samples that will be performed.

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