Technology in football essay

how has technology changed football

The loss of epistemological privilege is best seen in the penalty area. It is continuously evolving and changing today as society combats the free market to decide the legal and ethical limitations of business today.

In this technologically progressing era, it is only questionable that a sport as popular as soccer has not implemented any aspects of technology within it.

Indeed, there are stories of referees being verbally abused for a wrong call.

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According to a recent monthly labor report, most new businesses have the best chance of surviving during the first two years Knaup, The growth of action sports on television follows the same pattern of any other type of show genre in its early stages.

Yet, difficulties that can occur because of the excessive use of technology can be negated by the positive. Collins, H. This means that the referee is no longer the best provider of transparent justice in a match.

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