Texas democrats and state republican party platforms essay

texas republican party platform

We also support elimination of public funding for embryonic stem cell research, research on fetal tissue, or human cloning. Counties throughout the state maintain pretrial justice systems that process arrested persons in an assembly-line manner.

Healthcare Choice: We urge the passage of healthcare reform that results in more affordable healthcare through a market-based, competitive, and transparent healthcare system, including tort reform, interstate competition, health savings accounts, genuine accountability, and oversight.

Toll Projects: We oppose the use of taxpayer money to subsidize, guarantee, prop up, or bail out any toll projects, whether public or private, and we call upon both state and federal lawmakers to adequately fund our highways without hidden taxes, tolls, or raiding emergency funds.

His views are very much in line with the belief that the international political arena is not dominated by altruistic ideologies, but rather nation-states that are self-interested Democrats believe that the economy that works for everyone, growing income in healthy-paying jobs wand an increase in wages.

We believe in equal opportunity: to receive a quality public education, from childhood through college; to find a good job with dignity; to buy or rent a good home in a safe community; to breathe clean air and drink clean water; and to have our voices heard and not be drowned out by the power of unlimited money to influence or buy elections and legislation.

Though drug offenses are the major driver of the incarceration rate for federal prison populations, most inmates in state prisons are there for violent crimes.

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Eliminating Private Prisons Texas leads the nation with the most people incarcerated in its 35 private prisons operated by five private companies.

The use of tasers and pepper spray at Texas Juvenile Justice Department TJJD facilities, recent scandals related to sexual assault by staff on youth, and issues of understaffing require that we start to finally close our largest most dangerous facilities and finish the process of moving youth closer to home.

State party platforms

Politics In Texas Essay - Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians are perhaps three of the most prominent political parties within Texas. Campaign Endorsements: We oppose the buying and selling of endorsements in all elections. National Sovereignty: We will not enter any agreements with foreign countries or entities that violate our Constitution. Medicare Reform: Medicare Part A should have a parallel opt-out to Part B for those who have health insurance through their employer and continue to work. Texas emits more carbon dioxide than the next two biggest polluters. The Democrats were progressive, meaning that they believed that federal government was responsible Correcting the deficiencies in funding Texas public education must be a legislative budget priority. Instead of concentrating on the messy components of politics, the Populists brought forth practical issues such as eight hour work days and the use of a secret ballot MA Ghost Voting: We expect the Texas House of Representatives to enforce house rules and prevent ghost voting. Requiring that money provided through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP be used only for nutritious foods consistent with those included under the WIC program, and be released only with a photo ID of the approved user.

And furthermore we support local law enforcement agencies and associated personnel to the extent local and state police officers are properly and adequately trained and supervised or otherwise internally and individually held accountable for any conduct that is found to violate state law or the Texas State Constitution.

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Texas Democratic Party Platform