The arc of the play

Will our protagonist really be able to thwart the alien invader before the destruction of New York City? A romance that suddenly goes sideways due to an alien invasion is going to confuse readers and cloud your book's genre classification.


Falling Action : After the climax, events unfold in a story's plot and there is a release of tension leading toward the resolution. At this juncture, the basic conflict is further complicated by the introduction of obstacles frustrating the protagonist and other characters to reach their objectives.

The ending doesn't have to be a happy one, but in a complete story, it will be one that feels satisfying. Usually, this is the stage where authors start resolving any remaining subplots and mini-conflicts. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy are engaged. The Count of Monte Cristo takes many thousands of words to set the stage, while P.

dramatic structure examples

The falling action designates that the main action the climax is over and the story is heading towards the end. All of this occurs before delivering a single word of dialogue.

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Dramatic structure