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Cambridge, Everything seemed settled, until the darker side of Tiberius's personality intervened. Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla.

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For a more Machiavellian interpretation of the reasons behind the retirement, see Levick, "Tiberius's Retirement to Rhodes" and Tib. Eck, W. Accession and Early Reign A. With no son of his own, he adopted Augustus. Sejanus, therefore, commanded some 9, troops within the city limits. In reality, a de-militarization of the ancient world took place, as there had been sixty Octavian legions before 30 BCE. Nicols, J. After returning from the East, Tiberius was granted praetorian rank and, in 13 B. The Senate convened on 18 September, to validate Tiberius's position as Princeps and, as it had done with Augustus before, extend the powers of the position to him. Wellesley, K.

Tiberius, perhaps sensitive to this ambition, rejected Sejanus's initial proposal to marry Livilla in A. In 32 B. According to the sources, he was expecting a ship bearing the order for his death.

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Das Senatus Consultum des Cn. But during his boyhood the old Republican system of rule by Senate and magistrates, which had been tottering for decades, was finally toppled and replaced by an autocracy under the able and ambitious Octavian later named Augustus. Drusus, it seems, resented Sejanus's influence over his father so the Prefect, in conjunction with Livilla, poisoned him in A. When he was summoned to a meeting of the Senate on 18 October in that year he probably expected to receive a share of the tribunician power; with that he would, after all, have become Tiberius's Agrippa. The Reign of Tiberius. He convinced Romans that he was ruling in the best traditions of the republic, but actually was an absolute ruler creating a dynasty. Vipsanius Agrippa. Letters kept him in touch with Rome, but it was the machinery of the Augustan administration that kept the empire running smoothly. Thus, for instance, the Spanish aes coinage of Tiberius, though not forming part of the subject-matter of this work, is—as it needs to be—frequently quoted for purposes of comparison and illustration see Index 2. It remains suspicious that no inkling of foul play in Drusus's death was entertained until eight years later, when Sejanus's ex-wife, Apicata, "revealed" the matter in her suicide note, see below note [23]. In 32 B. Under this law, treason became an offense against the princeps who was regarded to represent the state.

Their primary responsibility was to guard the person and property of the Princeps himself, and to engage in campaigns to which he would direct them. New Jersey, The precariousness of Tiberius's position is reflected in the open destruction of his statues at Nemausus Suet.

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When Germanicus's widow, Agrippina the Elderreturned to Italy carrying her popular husband's ashes, she publicly declared Piso guilty of murder and hinted at the involvement of more hidden agents.

Our principal literary authorities for the period, Tacitus, 3 Suetonius 4 and Oio Cassius, 5 wrote nearly a century—in the last instance two centuries—after the rule of Tiberius. Impressed, the Parthians then sent negotiators to Augustus.

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The Roman Empire: Augustus and the Principate Period