The euthanasia debate

Day by day more and more governments and citizens are recognizing this right and are strongly disavowing the antiquated positions that our opposition has argued for.

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Proponents of euthanasia say: Euthanasia would never be legalised without proper regulation and control mechanisms in place Doctors may soon start killing people without bothering with their permission.

But surely the most compassionate thing to do is to care for a person at the end of their life and to show them that their life has tremendous value regardless of age or abilities.

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Malafide intention: In the era of declining morality and justice, there is a possibility of misusing euthanasia by family members or relatives for inheriting the property of the patient. We must respect our own value It applies to us too. This suggests that doctors have stereotypes of who is not worth saving Top Pressure on the vulnerable This is another of those arguments that says that euthanasia should not be allowed because it will be abused. This point should be erased. Indian J Med Ethics. Terminally ill people can have their quality of life severely damaged by physical conditions such as incontinence, nausea and vomiting, breathlessness, paralysis and difficulty in swallowing. The subtext is that some lives are not worth living. Futhermore a person may well be non religious and resent the imposition of religious or secular values on them, values which they may not belive in. The need for a conspiracy will make it an unattractive option Many are needlessly condemned to suffering by the chief anti-euthanasia argument: that murder might lurk under the cloak of kindness. Regardless of whether or not a patient decides to under PAS, they have already made the decision to be an organ donor, or not, well before the procedure. Campbell C, Fahy T.

You matter to the last moment of your life and we will do all we can to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die. The Supreme Court has also raised this issue in the recent judgement 3.

Religious arguments against euthanasia

Proponents believe that euthanasia can be safely regulated by government legislation. Finally, if patients who have been cleared for PAS under the guidelines set out by the proposition, then they are already terminally ill, and thus, have failing organs already, not in good enough condition for transplant. At times, doctors do suggest to the family members to have the patient discharged from the hospital wait for death to come, if the family or patient so desires. Spiritual care Spiritual care may be important even for non-religious people. This argument says that euthanasia is bad because of the sanctity of human life. Ending a patient's life by injection is quicker and easier and cheaper. Voluntary Euthanasia gives doctors too much power The prestigious position of doctors could quite easily be abused if euthanasia were to become legalised. We support the inalienable pursuit of Life but we do not support force-feeding life to citizens whom declare that they no longer want to participate in this pursuit for the ethically justifiable reasons stated in our case. Critics point to the fact that permitting euthanasia and assisted suicide, as is done in the Netherlands, does not prevent violation of procedures e. The fear is that if euthanasia is allowed, vulnerable people will be put under pressure to end their lives. Yes because For palliative care providers, however, the worst evil is a poor quality of life that is an obstacle to valuing the time that is left, rather than seeking to destroy the natural life-cycle. No because This argument is further defended for those, who have chronic debilitating illness even though it is not terminal such as severe mental illness. Euthanasia and palliative care: reflections from The Netherlands and the UK.

The importance of caring for the whole individual rather than for an organ is underlined, as is the importance of interactions between psychological and physical suffering. It cannot be viewed as a quick and easy fix, or a way to protect patients from inadequate care arrangements.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. They may actually be a burden, but those who love them may be happy to bear that burden. Now the Dutch turn against legalised mercy killing. Involuntary euthanasia is not a problem with our safeguards and able and competent doctors in place. They consider euthanasia the equivalent of murder, which is against the law everywhere in civilized society. Our inherent value doesn't depend on anything else - it doesn't depend on whether we are having a good life that we enjoy, or whether we are making other people's lives better. We do endorse the Supreme Court Judgement that our contemporary society and public health system is not matured enough to handle this sensitive issue, hence it needs to be withheld. Gursahani R.

Because now the focus is not on the patient but on their organs. Medical decision-makers already face difficult moral dilemmas in choosing between competing demands for their limited funds.

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Lonnqvist J. This will help alleviate the long waiting list there is for organ donations. It is not moral to end the patient's life because he has the right to live longer Patients that are in comas and have not indicated that they wish to die have the right to continue thier lives until the natural end. They need palliative and rehabilitative care. Dutch legal protection scheme for doctors involved in mercy killing of babies receives first report. In addition, the option of assisted suicide for mentally competent, terminally ill people could give rise to a new cultural norm of an obligation to speed up the dying process and subtly or not-so-subtly influence end-of-life decisions of all sorts. They say that most of these problems can be identified by assessing the patient properly, and, if necessary, the system should discriminate against the opinions of people who are particularly vulnerable. An appeal to a dictionary or a definition does not make it right or justified in its position.

What about personal choice? The proposition strongly feels about the freedom of choice, but the opposition would like to eliminate options and funnel suffering people down a path they feel is the right one.

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Do You Agree or Disagree With Euthanasia or Mercy Killing?