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All areas of Florida are located within a county, but only some areas have been incorporated into municipalities. The old Capitol building was saved and restored. A city council is elected to make policies and decisions that impact the specific city or town.

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The Legislative Branch The legislative branch of the State of Florida makes the laws that govern our state. In most state governments, the cabinet acts as an adviser to the governor. Since the s, however, races have been won by an ever-shrinking margin; in the presidential vote was so close that the outcome was highly disputed.

Inconcerned about one person seizing too much power, Florida voters changed the language of the state constitution to ensure that members of the Cabinet could be independent decision-makers.

Both houses must approve a bill and the governor must sign it before it becomes a law. State Agencies and Organizations In addition to the Office of the Governor and the Cabinet, there are many state agencies that help the executive branch function.

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State statutes do not provide for initiative or referendum, or recall of county officers. Originally six elected positions, the number was reduced to three in January Only amending the State Constitution or state law can change structure. The 40 members of the Senate are elected to four-year terms. Gubernatorial elections are held in Florida every four years, and governors are limited to two elected terms in office. Forms of County Government: Commission Form; 4. In Jacksonville , the municipal government has taken over the responsibilities normally given to the county government, Duval County , and smaller municipalities exist within it. Back issues from to the present are available online. The Florida Constitution establishes a county court in each of the state's 67 counties.

Over gallons are used each day by the average Floridian and the population of Florida is increasing rapidly.

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Government of Florida