War photo essays

The political situation disgusts me. The destruction in the city was jaw-dropping: rows and rows of broken, bombed-out high-rise flats, shell craters and explosion indents everywhere; libraries, offices, factories all in ruins.

Over the course of five months, Magnusson traveled to purity balls in Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona.

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In , Edina, her one-year-old son Nedim and her mother were killed when a car Edina was driving lost control and crashed into the Neretva river. Deleitosa, Province of Caceres, Extremadura, Spain. The juxtaposition of traditional Islamic dress with biker-tough posturing and Western branding upends stereotypes of Muslim women as anti-modern and ultra-conservative. I taught the children, aged six to 16, basic photography techniques — shooting with 35mm SLR film cameras, developing their films and printing. Stockholm-based photographer David Magnusson captures all this in his book Purity. He decided to create a monthly calendar featuring centerfolds of drag queens in front of covered bridges. The poses were up to the subjects themselves, undirected by Magnusson. From "Spanish Village" photo-essay. Photos by Edina Hrnjic. Eugene Smith "When a good picture comes along, I shoot it. She lived in the same neighbourhood as Bjelave orphanage and frequently helped out with the younger children. The graves of Edina Hrnjic and her son Nedim in Bosnia will survive as a country and Sarajevo will continue as a multicultural city, open to all. Click or tap the image to switch to a self-portrait by Oggi in Cambridge, June There were no themed assignments or teaching of preconceived notions of what photography was, and the language barrier would not allow for the teaching of technicalities.

But as I look over this city today with its beautiful views, I no longer see it as such. Anxieties about the future, unemployment, PTSD and rebuilding their city would come later.

War photo essays

They had free rein to photograph what they saw and what they wanted to capture. I was not aware that the photographs could be made by our hands. He would always be present. Inset: Rina aged eight in the Bjelave orphanage playground, photo by Muhamd Bosnjo aged We owe it to them to make it work Edina Hrnjic, Girl on a tram, Sarajevo, June ; and winter preparation, Dobrinja, Sarajevo, The graves of Edina Hrnjic and her son Nedim in But equally it had to be easy, it had to be fun Chris Leslie The children from the orphanage and surrounding neighbourhood ran around their playgrounds and streets documenting anything that came into their viewpoint.

When the photo project was set up, she saw it as something special that she was lucky to be involved in. Govia, who mainly makes his living as a freelance cinematographer for television, elicits a certain ethereal drama from the remains of old manor houses, decrepit prisons, hospitals, and mental institutions, and even indoor swimming complexes far past their prime.

I bear in mind that I have to have an opener and closer. Often, they exchange purity rings. This was city-wide destruction — a lateth-century Dresden or Stalingrad. From "Spanish Village" photo-essay.

I first saw Chris with those cameras and was immediately hooked, and ever since I saw photography as a way to stay out of trouble and express myself in the way institutional life in the orphanage never allowed Oggi Tomic Photos by Oggi Tomic.

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