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Reagan's third nominee, Anthony Kennedywas confirmed by the Senate. But with the retirement of Lewis Powell inReagan faced his biggest challenge with the Senate over Supreme Court nominations. Supreme Court Cases. Bush v. Notably, this case marked the first time since the advent of the New Deal that the court struck down a law based on the Commerce Clause.

In a subsequent case, United States v. Flynt objective with this behavior is to get into media and uproot the pretense of virtues among the so-called "moral. Rehnquist overcame liberal opposition in the Senate, and was appointed with a vote. McConnell v.

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Without a recount, Republican George W. Membership[ edit ] Rehnquist joined the Court in after Richard Nixon appointed him as an Associate Justice, and Rehnquist remained in that position until Ronald Reagan elevated him to the position of Chief Justice in , when Warren Burger retired. Among the major types of judicial philosophies is judicial activism vs. Lawrence v. After the political debate over Rehnquist elevation to Chief Justice, there was much less political attention given to the eventual nominee: Scalia. Your paper should include internal citations and a formal bibliography. Bush v.

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Warren vs Rehnquist Courts Essay