Water plant business plan ppt outline

All the papers and document have been signed and submitted, the loan has been approved and any moment from now our account will be credited with the amount.

water plant business ppt

Management will ensure that every employee working in the organization satisfies his personal objectives and the objectives of the employees should fall in the zone of indifference. The sales force of these wholesale distributors needs to be educated on H20 Industries's positioning statement so that they all understand the important sales advantages of segregated resin.

Mineral water is a pure form of hydrogen and oxygen equipped with the presence of minerals such as barium, iron, manganese etc. This solution is used to bathe the anion and cation resin in a cone until the two resins separate, at which point the cation and anion are treated in the regeneration stage in the same manner as the single bed anion and cation.

The second most important position statement is H20 Industries's concentration on the DI exchange business.

Mineral water plant business plan pdf

The company has to rely on its distribution model and network as the key lies in the perfect and strong distribution network once a brand become popular in the targeted area then we can stretch our boundaries. Start — Up Expenditure Budget Starting a standard bottled mineral water production company is indeed a capital intensive business. We have been able to critically examine the bottled water production industry cum bottled mineral bottled water line of business and we have analyzed our chances in the industry and we have been able to come up with the following sales forecast. With thousands of small-scale mineral water supplier in the market, the major consumer of this product is Indian railways; the Indian railway is a huge potential market for mineral water. This comes to gallons. In order to ensure purity and better taste of Mineral Water, we conduct multistate purification. It will be important to stress these advantages in the sales literature. This growth can be achieved within the capacity limits of cu ft daily 26, cu ft per annum without increases in production labor. Cost of replacing small amounts of lost resin. As a matter of fact, our publicity and advertising strategy is not solely for selling our products but to also effectively communicate our brand. Experience indicates that with each regeneration it is necessary to replace approximately two percent of the resin.

The sales projection is based on information gathered on the field and some assumptions that are peculiar to startups in Springfield — Illinois. It contains mineral, which is good for both brain and heart.

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You can slit the manufacturing area into two parts one is for the machinery and processing of water, another is to store the raw materials as well as the toy store the processed mineral water bottle.

It represents a form of peace of mind which dialysis units, laboratories, etc. Scope to expand in other parts of the country as many smaller cities have yet not been tapped by organized players. Please note that this amount includes the salaries of all the staff for the first 3 month of operation.

Cost of Hydrochloric acid. For purposes of these projections we will assume that: Dealership-generated sales resulting in tank rentals will be handled by them i.

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Segregated regeneration results in the further advantage of achieving a higher DI capacity per cubic foot as greater quantities of chemicals are used during a longer regeneration period.

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Mineral Water Plant Project Business Plan, Profit Margin & Cost Estimation