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Right, a thesis statement makes sense of essay writing.

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People with this disease might make an error like balancing the checkbook However, the test is controversial, and the results are not entirely reliable. A woman of middle age passed away years after she was diagnosed with psychological decayment and confusion that was accompanied with loss of memory.

The disease is a brain disorder that causes language problems, memory loss, and personality changes Back then people did not worry about the disease because they would only live for about 30 years Kelly, The mother Martha lives alone in her apartment in Brooklyn New York.

The sentence has effectively captured the two clauses of what makes a strong thesis statement on Alzheimer's.

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This is a single sentence that is normally written at the end of the introduction that declares your stance on the subject by highlighting the main idea of your argument. Our advancements in the past few decades overshadow everything learned in the last years.

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Alzheimer's Disease